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Driving/Autofahren in Portugal

Driving/Autofahren in Portugal

Together with our Alliance Partners, Medal Seguros, we have produced an updated version of the Driving in Portugal booklet, incorporating the new rules of the Portuguese Highway code. The booklet is available in English and German language.

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<b><i>afpop</b></i> Community Centre

afpop Community Centre

We are pleased to inform Members that the Community Centre section of the afpop website has now been updated and is now available to view and to use. Members can access it by going to the afpop website and clicking on the Community Centre button on the right hand side of the page.

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An Association that has served over twenty thousand Members in our 28 year history and which continues to serve the needs of thousands of Members every day.

Our team of dedicated staff work to find answers to questions so that you don’t have to, providing information in our extensive Information Bulletin system; sending regular UPDATE magazines to every Member to keep you informed of changes to laws, new Member Benefits, social activity and much more. 

Not only do we have a huge store of accumulated and regularly updated information, but we are here by phone, e-mail or in person so afpop Members never again have to think “who can I ask” – they think instead “I’ll ask afpop”.

If that isn’t enough afpop Members can also save many times the annual Membership fee, a fee which hasn’t increased for over EIGHT YEARS, just by taking advantage of the discounts negotiated for you exclusively. Just check out the Benefit Simulator on this page to get an idea of the savings that are available to you as a Member.

As the annual Membership fee equates to less than the cost of a cup of coffee a week - you really can’t afford NOT to be a Member.


  • Member Nº 12573
    "Thank you very much for your information of Wills in Portugal. It is of great help."
  • Member Nº 13013
    "I feel reassured that the information is both correct and impartial. That's our membership fee for the year saved in one go!!!"
  • Member Nº 2148
    "What an amazing and professional service you give. I will be in touch with the Pensions office in England and will follow your instructions. Should I need your assistance again I will be in touch."
  • Member Nº 8148
    "Many thanks for your advice re getting my residencia. I downloaded the forms, made the appointment, and went there this morning! Hopefully they will have the document ready for me to pick up tomorrow. Your help was invaluable and I am most grateful."
  • Member Nº 12890
    "Thank you so much for the list of tax advisors! You have been a big help to us, and we appreciate your excellent customer service! "
  • Member Nº 12384
    "Thank you for sorting this out for us it is a great relief to know we do not have to do anything further."
  • Member Nº 8312
    "Thank you so much for sending these regulations they are exactly what I wanted, is there any possibility you have a portuguese version as well. If you have I would appreciate it if you could let me have one as well. Also the Directory is useful too."
  • Member Nº 10564
    "That is invaluable information and thank you for the efforts you have put in on this subject."
  • Member Nº 12654
    "Many thanks indeed for this information and please forgive my belated response to your kindness and help. This was exactly what I needed! Warmest best wishes to you and all at afpop"
  • Member Nº 2501
    "You are so kind. This is exactly what I want, and thank you so much."
  • Member Nº 11511
    "Very many thanks. This is most helpful and I look forward to hearing once there is more information on prices."

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Charity Dinner 9-12-2016 Castelo de Sonhos, the Silves based charity for the underprivilged, are in desperate need of a replacement...

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