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Welcome to afpop


Not only do we have a huge store of accumulated and regularly updated information, but we are here by phone, e-mail or in person so afpop Members never again have to think “who can I ask” – they think instead “I’ll ask afpop”.

If that isn’t enough afpop Members can also save many times the annual Membership fee, a fee which hasn’t increased for over EIGHT YEARS, just by taking advantage of the discounts negotiated for you exclusively. Just check out the Benefit Simulator on this page to get an idea of the savings that are available to you as a Member.


As the annual Membership fee equates to less than the cost of a cup of coffee a week - you really can’t afford NOT to be a Member.

So click here now!

An Association that has served over twenty thousand Members in our 27 year history and which continues to serve the needs of thousands of Members every day.

Our team of dedicated staff work to find answers to questions so that you don’t have to, providing information in our extensive Information Bulletin system; sending regular UPDATE magazines to every Member to keep you informed of changes to laws, new Member Benefits, social activity and much more. 



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