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When People move to a new country they can often relax their guard in matters where in their own country they would have been more vigilant. That is certainly the case when moving to Portugal, as one of the reasons that people choose this country as their new residence is the relaxed lifestyle and slower pace of life. As they leave the stresses and fears of living in their previous country behind, it can become all too easy to forget those simple security measures that they took as a matter of course and that can make them victims of opportunists and fraudsters.

It is also understandable when in a ‘foreign’ country, that people are reluctant to fall foul of the authorities and so an official looking person at your door or on the phone can intimidate people enough to make them give details or access that in their own country they would never have considered giving. Always remember that no matter who you are dealing with your personal details are YOURS and you should think carefully before giving them to others, either in person; over the phone or electronically. If you don’t know who you are dealing with then check and don’t use contact details that THEY provide to do so.

One of the areas that we can all do something about is security in the home and our local areas. One of the increases in crime over recent years has been opportunist burglaries and the local police forces (GNR) have been working with communities of recent years to create community groups and to identify vulnerable or isolated properties, in order to provide faster responses and also to gather information about suspicious vehicles and people in their areas. These Safe Residence Schemes (SRS) may vary in detail from area to area, in order to best utilise resources and take into account particular issues in each area. In these pages we are promoting those schemes and contacts and you should check for your own area to see what system is in place for you to become a part of. Please click on the link from the drop down menu above for your GNR HQ to check what system is in place in your area.

General advice to prevent robberies and theft

  • At home keep doors and windows closed, reinforce the lighting around the house and if possible install fences and railings
  • Always have with you useful phone numbers, especially the local police or 112 (for emergencies)
  • When you leave your home for several days, inform your neighbours and the local GNR
  • Do not leave notes on the door, windows or post box which indicate your absence
  • If someone knocks on the door, do not open immediately, always ask first who they are and what they want.
  • If you hear firearm shooting or other suspicious noises, inform the local GNR or call 112, do not go out to see what is going on.
  • If someone at your door asks you for something or for money for an institution or charity, verify name and credentials of the person.
  • Try to know all your neighbours and cooperate with them in all aspects of security.
  • In case you feel observed by a stranger, you should inform the local GNR immediately


GNR Check List

If you notice anything suspicious, record the following details and pass it on to the GNR Vehicle:

  •        Number plate registration
  •        Make
  •        Model
  •        Colour
  •        Going which direction
  •        Number of passengers


  •        Age
  •        Height
  •        Gender
  •        Ethnicity
  •        Colour of hair and eyes
  •        Moustache
  •        Beard
  •        Glasses
  •        Tattoos
  •        Birthmarks
  •        Piercings
  •        Clothes
  •        Disabilities

Help us to help you…

Download GNR check list here


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