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promoting understanding, communication & community spirit.

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There are many initiatives which facilitate the integration of foreigners into their local community and which are designed to promote understanding, communication and community spirit.  These schemes are often created and run by community minded individuals, whose only aim is to create a more tolerant environment based on understanding and friendship.

The aim of this part of the Community section is to enable those who are running or trying to create such schemes to publicise their activities and encourage others in the area to become involved. None of the schemes included here are run by afpop, although afpop Members are involved in many of them. The schemes are listed in Câmara areas only for ease of reference only and this does not mean that they are run or funded by any Câmara.


Local Groups

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News from afpop - Friday 11th of September 2020
News from afpop - Friday 11th of September 2020
Included in this briefing: 1. Contingency State - new regulations, 2. Travel to UK,3. Documents,4. SEF,5. October UPDATE Magazine, 6. Satellite Offices, 7. Area Events, 8. Cascais, 9. Portuguese speaking course, 10. Links to other countries information, 11. Pre travel form, 12. Interactive Covid map

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Renewing the Portuguese driving licence
Renewing the Portuguese driving licence
The issue of driving licences and when to exchange them is frequently raised by Members. This article answers the most regular questions that we receive about this, but if Members have questions that are not answered here of course they can contact the office for further assistance.

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