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News from afpop 26-02 - State of Emergency extended again

afpop - 26-02-2021

News from afpop 26-02 - State of Emergency extended again

Included in this briefing: State of Emergency extended Travel reminder AGM 2021 Driving licence and Residência BLiP Exhibitor Spring offers Covid map

Included in this briefing:
  • State of Emergency extended
  • Travel reminder
  • AGM 2021
  • Driving licence and Residência
  • BLiP Exhibitor Spring offers
  • Covid map

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. As always if English or German are not your first language and you need clarification on any of the information included in this mailing, please contact the afpop office to ask for assistance.

This week’s briefing on Covid-19 restrictions will be the shortest since I began writing to you all, almost a year ago. The only thing to tell you is that the current State of Emergency has been extended until the 16th March, when it will be reviewed again as has become the routine. There are no changes to the restrictions in place.

In his broadcast to the nation, President Marcello Rebelo de Sousa indicated that any easing of restrictions will be phased over a period of time and will take into account all the advice available.

Please remember, the government has authorised the immediate collections of fines where there is disregard for the restrictions in force.

It is being reported that Portugal has now been removed from the top tier of countries with high infection rates, the so-called’ dark red zone, but for the moment the borders remain closed except for certain exceptional circumstance, which we have covered in previous mailings.

The islands: The links below will take you to the Covid pages for the islands.



Annual General Meeting (AGM): In light of the President of Portugal’s remarks regarding a staged easing of restrictions, it is highly unlikely that the restrictions on gatherings will be eased sufficiently to allow us to hold an open AGM. Therefore the councils have agreed, in order to comply with our Statutes and also continue the work of the Association, the AGM this year will take place behind closed doors with the minimum number of council members required to hold the meeting.

Please ensure that any voting slips or questions for the AGM arrive in the afpop office before 5pm on Thursday 18th March. Any questions or comments will be included in the AGM minutes and Members will be replied to individually after the AGM.

It has been suggested that we might hold the AGM by zoom or other electronic means, but the logistics of ensuring that all who want to join can do so and dealing with questions by the chat method is too problematic and will most likely lead to frustration. The councils feel that Members are able to have their voice heard by sending their voting slips and questions, either by post or e-mail, to the office for inclusion in the AGM discussion.

Of course this is not ideal and the councils do not take this decision lightly. Hopefully this is the last time we will have to hold an AGM in this way.

The AGM booklet is available on the afpop website in the Publications section, along with the voting slip which should be printed and posted to the afpop office as indicated on the form. Please make sure that they reach the afpop office before the 18th of March.

Driving licences and Residência cards:
It is being reported that the working restrictions and also a technical fault at IMT, are causing delays in the exchange of driving licences and also the new residency cards for UK citizens. We are currently trying to find out what advice IMT and SEF have regarding these issues and will send a mailing to Members as soon as we have all the information.

BLiP Exhibitors Spring Offers to Members:
Please see pages 8-9 of your copy of the February issue of UPDATE Magazine for the list of businesses and other organisations that have kindly agreed to offer Members special terms this Spring, or have announcements regarding their availability during lockdown.

The full details are shown on the BLiP website - visit the website soon as the offers have time limits and may have other terms and conditions.

afpop accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or delivery of the offers. You may be required to verify your Membership number.

Covid across Portugal:
In this link you can see the current infection situation in Portugal. The website is in Portuguese and you can select the latest report each time it is updated by the government.

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Until next time as always my best wishes to you all and please continue to,


Michael R Reeve
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