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SEF appointments for EU Citizens

The afpop team - 05-05-2022

SEF appointments for EU Citizens

New slots open for EU Residencia appointments

We know many Members have been trying to make appointments with SEF to renew their Residências. SEF just announced they have opened 12.240 slots for appointments to renew your EU- Residência. If you do not already have a password to the SEF website, you need to register for that first on the SEF website (Click Login and registe-se), and once you have successfully logged in, you can go to “Agendamentos”, then “Novo agendamento” and then follow the steps to choose a date and a time for an appointment. Remember that EU- Residências cannot be renewed online, you must book an appointment to go in person.

Please note: This does not apply for UK Citizens, who must wait for the Article 50 roll out to continue.

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