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ECE - Em Caso de Emergência (In Case of Emergency)

UPDATE Article Ed. 6 2018 - 06-05-2020

ECE - Em Caso de Emergência (In Case of Emergency)

Members may already be aware of the ECE system for highlighting a person in your phone"s contact list for emergency services to contact if you are unable to respond to them through illness or accident. Basically you should choose the person you would like to be contacted in your phone"s contact list and add the letters ECE in front of their name, so for example John Smith would become ECE - John Smith. If your phone doesn"t allow enough space for it all, you should just put ECE and the phone number (no name).

When emergency services arrive at an incident where a person is unconscious or confused, they can look through a contact list on a phone for an ECE entry and then call that person from your phone. One of the problems however is that people with a smart phone may have some kind of screen lock activated, either a pin code or swipe pattern, and this makes the ECE system unusable.  
Of course it is understandable for people to want to keep their phone secure, but there may be Members who don’t know about the ECE system and might consider this more important than having their phone secured against possible intrusion, particularly as the chances of anyone else actually getting in to access your phone contacts are slim and anyway probably not much use to anyone if they do access your contact list. Perhaps you have a screen lock on the phone to prevent so called ‘pocket dialling’ or just because it’s available and you have it activated. If the content of your phone is not sensitive, you might wish to consider whether you need your screen locked, or choose to allow someone to help contact your relatives if they find you incapacitated. 
An alternative could be to write the details of your emergency contact and place them in your wallet or purse, which might also be checked by the emergency services. 





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