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Cleaning chimneys

UPDATE Article Ed. 6 2019 - 25-11-2019

Cleaning chimneys

As summer comes to a close each year, we are often asked if we have a chimneysweep in the Advantage Directory and we are pleased to tell Members that we now do have a sweep, Neill Bailey, offering services to Members. We asked Neill if he had some thoughts about how often a chimney should be swept and what dangers exist regarding chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Dangers of not cleaning your chimney
It is recommended that a chimney be swept on a yearly basis to keep it clean and well ventilated. If this is not done, fires and wood burning stoves can become hazardous. Fires are extremely dangerous and there are a lot of other things to consider if your home has an open fire or stove. Keeping your chimney swept will reduce the risk of a chimney fire or possible carbon monoxide poisoning. If your home catches fire as a result of a chimney fire, and it’s not been professionally swept, it may invalidate your house insurance

It is commonly believed that only gas appliances produce carbon monoxide. All appliances that burn fuel produce carbon monoxide. Your solid fuel stove or open fire produce 100’s of times that of gas or oil appliances. This, and the risk of a chimney fire, is why it is important to have your chimney swept by a trained and competent person, after all no one wants to become a number on next year’s carbon monoxide or fire statistics. The number of chimney fires is increasing every year, usually due to not getting them swept often enough.

The most common causes of chimney fires and fumes in the home are-
Birds’ nests
Badly swept
Flue pipe not fitted correctly

It is also advisable to have a Carbon Monoxide detector installed in the home. Afpop Members who use Neill to sweep their chimneys will also have free fitting of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  

For more information on having your chimney swept please contact Neill on 934927944 or visit 

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