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New registration plates

UPDATE Article Ed. 1 2020 - 03-02-2020

New registration plates

As Members will know and may have already seen, Portuguese registration numbers have completed another cycle and need to begin a new format. The Council of Ministers has approved the diploma that changes the model of registration plates, introducing new combinations of characters and a format that harmonises the Portuguese model with those of most European Union states.

The new series will be made up of two groups of two letters and a central group of two figures: AA-01-AA. The new plates will also lose the month and year indicators from the plate. (See the model below)

Anyone who would like to change their existing plate to the new format can do so, but it is not necessary and existing plates will remain valid and legal. If you do want to change your existing plates, they can be obtained from most motor factors, Feuvert, Norauto etc.


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