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What does Mitigation phase mean? 26th of March 2020

Michael Reeve - 27-04-2020

What does Mitigation phase mean? 26th of March 2020

You will no doubt be hearing about the 3rd phase, or mitigation phase, but what does that mean? Basically it is an acknowledgement from the health authorities that the virus is now no longer being transported INTO Portugal, but is here and being transmitted within the borders of the country. This means that it is contained in a way, in that it is now no longer coming into the country, but that the risk of contagion is greater through social interaction.

But what does it mean for the public and what steps are now being taken? Well for the citizens it is a reinforcement of the guidelines regarding social distancing and necessity of contact with others, but is not a prohibition on travel or movement. The government does advise everyone who does not need to go out of the house to stay at home except to shop or of course to work for those that have to do so.
The Mitigation phase is more aimed at the health service and an instruction on them in how to now combat the spread of the virus. For example all private medical facilities will now be obliged to assist the national health service in dealing with diagnosis and treatment and all non Covid-19 treatments that are not life threatening are put on hold. The focus of the health service in the Mitigation stage is to detect and treat cases of Covid-19. This means that unless you have some serious illness or emergency, you probably will not be able to get medical assistance until the mitigation phase is deemed to be over. All other routine screenings will be postponed until the current restrictions are lifted.
Those people who are deemed to be more at risk should take whatever steps they can to avoid contact with others and should wherever possible stay at home and make no unnecessary journeys.
We have also seen the following advice from the Health authority (DGS) regarding purchasing of drugs, which whilst not anything to do with the Mitigation phase, we think is important for Members to hear.
Infarmedthe National Medicines and Health Products Authority has released a warning regarding the possibility of counterfeit drugs on the internet, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and has called on consumers to buy only from authorised websites. To purchase medicines safely, Infarmed advises you to check the authenticity of the page by clicking on the logo and confirming that it is registered at:
It is our (afpop’s) advice to always use the Portuguese health service or your usual doctor to check what medications you should take. The Portuguese 24 hour help line 808 24 24 24 is THE place to refer your enquiries to.
Screening. You may also have heard that there are now two mobile screening centres in the Algarve, at the Algarve Stadium in Faro and the Portimão Arena. You should be aware that these are not drop in centres for anyone to use, they are to be used only when instructed to do so by the health authority. If you go to these drive through screening centres and do not have authorisation, you will simply be turned away.
Please be safe and continue to be vigilant.
The staff and I send our kindest regards to you all,
Michael R Reeve
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