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Beach Safety

UPDATE Article - 09-07-2020

Beach Safety

The beach is the main destination for many in the summer. However we must be careful when visiting an unguarded beach, mainly because the sea is very treacherous and the hazards are not always immediately obvious. When a beach is guarded this is made easier because there are flags with different meanings, which explain the sea conditions and the quality of the beach.--Désolé, pas de traduction française disponible --

One import flag that indicates the recommended zone to go in the water, is a Red and Yellow flag which looks like this:

Other flags that we are accustomed to seeing on the beaches are;

Green flag - it is safe to swim in the sea, you do not have to take extra precautions;

Yellow flag - it is forbidden to swim in this area and it is dangerous to bathe. When in the sea the water must not be past the waist height;

Red flag - This flag represents danger and entering the water is not allowed. Beach lifeguards can prevent you from bathing and can call the Maritime Police to pass fines to those who do not respect the directions.

In some beaches you might also see other less common flags:

Black and white checked flag - the swimmer-rescuer is not, for the time being, on the beach. Increased care is required at sea;

Black flag - beach closed and / or prohibited due to the state of the sea or the sand;

Flag of jellyfish - this is a white flag with jellyfish as icon. It is used to refer to the presence of the various types of jellyfish in bathing areas.

It is important to respect the areas properly marked for bathing and do not go to areas reserved for water sports.

It is also important to understand that cliff faces can break away and people have been killed on beaches by falling rocks. It is much safer to purchase your own wind and sun shades than to shelter under the cliffs. They give no warning of rock falls and the results are almost always catastrophic. Be safe and do not lay you towels under the lee of cliff faces to shelter from the wind.

It is very important that you check any safety rules in force on the beach to prevent any kind of accident and fines.

We wish you all safe and happy bathing.

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