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Noise Problems

UPDATE Article Ed. 1 2021 - 08-03-2021

Noise Problems

The issue of neighbourhood noise has been raised several times in the past and is something that causes problems among the inhabitants of a building or between neighbours, probably even more so over recent months as more people have been compelled to stay home and are more exposed to the noise around them.--Excuses, geen Nederlandse vertaling beschikbaar --

The rules haven’t changed though and excessive noise is prohibited between 8 pm and 8 am during the week and is prohibited at any time over the weekend and on public holidays. Renovation work at home doesn’t require any special licence, but in condominiums and urbanisations the person responsible for the works should post a notice in an accessible place detailing the expected duration of the works and, if possible, the period in which there will be the greatest noise intensity.
The relevant authorities to receive complaints about excessive noise are your local GNR and PSP.
If the noise is from commercial establishments, such food and beverage establishments, gyms, supermarkets, sports venues, shows and outdoor festivities, you should contact your local Câmara Municipal.
If you live near to a highway or a ‘EN’ road and you believe that the noise is excessive, you can refer your concern to Infraestruturas de Portugal, S.A. via the phone number 212 879 000 or you can present your complaint at by choosing “NEGÓCIOS E SERVIÇOS (Businesses & Services)” and fill in the online complaint form.

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