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Information Bulletins
Information Bulletins

The Information Bulletin system is a comprehensive source of information on a wide ranging list of subjects, from car importation and setting up a bank account, to Wills, IRS payment & includes sections on motoring, health, property rental and purchasing, inheritance planning & many more. The full list of Bulletins can be seen below. The Information Bulletins are regularly updated and are available free of charge to Members, either on request or by download from the Members area.

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All new directory 2018/2019

Coupled with the Alliance Partner scheme, is the 'afpop ADvantage'.

Many smaller companies and service providers offer discounts to afpop members merely on the production of the afpop Membership Card, which also acts as your ADvantage card.

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Below are examples of some of the feedback we have received from our members.

Member Nº 5624
We have been members since we first came here, about 8 years ago, and we always recommend
afpop when we're talking to new arrivals. We are right to, you have helped us in many ways over the years.

Member Nº 11241
Thanks for clarification - it's just that you get so many conflicting stories.

Member Nº 10808
Your organization is fantastic! It is SO helpful. Thanks a million!

Member Nº 2501
We thank you for your kindness and patience in providing the help we needed.

Member Nº 11065
Just to let you know that within one week of mentioning that we had contacted you for advice we received our microwave back duly repaired!

Member Nº 9694
Very useful - the utility bills would be a problem - thanks for the warning!

Member Nº 11153
The welcome package has just arrived, thank you for sending this and information to access the website. Lots of useful information in both!

Member Nº 11062
Once again many thanks for your prompt and very clear reply to my query relating to Medical Health Insurance. There will be so much to learn over the next few months and it's great to know there is someone knowledgeable and helpful that we can turn to if needed.

Member Nº 9621
Thanks a lot I rely on you!

Member Nº 9217
Many thanks for your update.
As always it is nice to hear from you and I appreciate the sensitive way in which you are helping our Portuguese hosts be still even better hosts.

Member Nº 7805
Thank you so much for your great help.
We managed to unblock the pop-ups and accessed the site perfectly.
The information is extremely helpful.

Member Nº 3482
For a nice start to your week - to tell you that we keep having enquiries re the pool cover (long since sold) - so your classifieds are really very effective!
Well done.

Member Nº 6274
Thank you so much for your email and your advice. As always with you, this was exactly what I needed and has been very useful indeed.

Member Nº 13016
Thank you so much for your help that's fantastic I will follow it up

Member Nº 12654
Many thanks - exactly what I wanted.

Member Nº 5490
Thank you very much for the extra information.
Now we know exactly what we can or cannot do!

Member Nº 8541
This is the best step-by-step instruction I ever received. Thank you so much for this!

Member Nº. 12684
Your hard work paid off - the Summer Ball was a great success. Terrific venue, great company, and good food and drink what more could we have asked for. I also look forward at a later date, savouring the delights of the superb bottle of wine I won and when it is finished I will still have it's very nice presentation box.

Member 2148
What an amazing and professional service you give. I will be in touch with the Pensions office in England and will follow your instructions. Should I need your assistance again I will be in touch.

Member No 13188
I just wanted to thank you and your colleagues very much for today's seminar. I was really impressed with how the information was presented in such an accessible and understandable way â€" to make two hours of talking about tax interesting and enjoyable is quite a feat!

Member No. 9615 
I have just got word of confirmation of exemption from the Portuguese authorities.Thank you very much for all the hard work you put into this.



Solidarity Concert São Lourenço Choir in the Church of Almancil Saturday 22 of June 2019 at 19h/7pm ...

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