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Canals, Lagoon & Moliceiros

If you are travelling to Aveiro, you should make sure you have the time to explore...

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Arouca Geopark

Geopark, which was recognised by UNESCO in 2009, its’ highlights are the Chestnut brown granite  the...

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Considered the best aquarium in the world by Tripadvisor, in 2015, 2017 and 2018, Oceanário de...

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Welcome to afpop Community Centre

The purpose of this Community space in the afpop website is to provide afpop Members with information that is relevant to them in their area and helpful in understanding what is available and how to find it. It is also intended to give those services the opportunity to inform Members about their services and plans for the future. The individual areas all include an introduction and have specific information regarding the services that are included there. In most cases the information is gathered from the service itself and is updated by them when they have new information to share.

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