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Algarve Horse Alarm

Our charity is called Algarve Horse Alarm, we are a non-profit organization. We rescue horses in...

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StreetLife Animal Sterilisation Programme

StreetLife is an initiative from a group of animal lovers who want to reduce the number of...

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APAA - Association for Protection of Animals Algarve

APAA along with our SNiP (Spaying & Neutering Programme), provide help to vulnerable animals, whether abandoned...

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Carvoeiro Cat Charity

Helping Cats is our Passion Carvoeiro Cat Charity’s main purpose is to rescue cats at risk...

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Banco Alimentar

Telefone: 213 649 655 Fax: 213 622 442 Email: List of business and outlets that...

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Support for Families in the Algarve

Organisers: Su & Mike DavisTm: 932 307 548E-mail: su.davis  Social Media: Facebook Support for Families in the Algarve responds...

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