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UK driving licences

British Embassey Lisbon - 30-03-2021

UK driving licences

Due to the ongoing problems at IMT regarding the exchange of driving licences, exacerbated by the fact that many IMT staff are having to work from home, there has been a further extension announced to the validity of UK driving licences in Portugal.
The British Embassy has informed us that that the Portuguese government has extended the recognition of UK driving licences until 31 December 2021. This means that those legally resident in Portugal who have a valid UK driving licence can continue to drive with their UK licence until the end of 2021, under the same terms as EU licence holders. 
They are still obliged to exchange their UK licence for a Portuguese one if:

  • The licence expires;
  • The license is stolen or lost.
For those who have been resident in Portugal for longer than 60 days, and are still driving with their UK licence, they should have registered their address with IMT. 
The Portuguese and UK governments continue to discuss future arrangements regarding reciprocal recognition of driving licences for residents.
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