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Information Bulletins
Information Bulletins
The Information Bulletin system is a comprehensive source of information on a wide raging list of subjects, from car importation and setting up a bank account, to Wills, IRS payment dates and includes sections on motoring, health, property rental and purchasing, inheritance planning and many more. The full list of Bulletins can be seen below. The Information Bulletins are regularly updated and are available free of charge to afpop Members, either on request or by downloading them from the Members' area.

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afpop Community Centre
afpop Community Centre
We are pleased to inform Members that the Community Centre section of the afpop website has now been updated and is now available to view and to use. Members can access it by going to the afpop website and clicking on the Community Centre button on the right hand side of the page.

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Hieronder een voorbeeld nieuwsbrief alleen beschikbaar voor onze leden.

April 2018


You will find the Programme of  November events in Lisbon if you click on the image below: ...

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